Why Personalization Matters In Email Marketing To Boost Your sales

Why Personalization Matters In Email Marketing To Boost Your sales

Make the most of cheerful season by connecting to your audience by making more personalized connections and see the results. You can use your holidays as a golden chance to connect with your loyal customers. However, you should have to improve your email marketing strategy by focusing on personalization.


Why Personalization is Significant

The digital world is continuously embryonic, and it’s always thrilling to observe that email marketing gradually have a great ROI. Email marketing trends may arise and go, but there’s one strategy that isn’t likely to vanish out of style any time shortly: personalization. Now personalization has become most favorite byword, it’s that customers wait for these days. They surely want to be heard by their beloved brands. According to research, more than 57% of customers expected personalized offers that are applied from sales, marketing and after sales support.

That’s why; the competition on ecommerce market steadily increasing, most seen priority of online businesses is personalization. 90% customers want to make shopping from the brands that recognize, remember and send most relevant offers.

In the e-mail marketing industry, the most successful personalization strategies are shared here that will help you to grow your revenue:

  • Strategy 1: Address your customer by name

If you are a devotee marketing expert, you must have seen thousands of marketing campaigns. The classic techniques are most familiars but the most surprising effect of personalization of email. When your customer will see his name in the content, surely attract him to go through the entire email. It is an effective technique that increases an open rate but most seems to forget it.

With Betalogics, you can get personalized campaign content easily via personalization tags, using all suitable data like, location, age and birthday etc.

  • Strategy 2: Send Personalized Product recommendations

After extremely effective email marketing campaign, to turn your users into buyers, one tip is to send personalized product recommendations. This strategy can massively grow your online business revenue. Especially in holidays, more than 40% of customers make purchases then you can use product recommendations as a one-way-street for them.

Betalogics the power of smart marketing automation by choosing from a various solutions and customize your newsletter according to your requirements that can be based on orders, popularity or customer behavior.

Strategy 3: Win Your Customer Back With A Cart Abandonment Campaign

It is happened rottenly that customers fill up their carts and then disappear. Betalogics email automation solutions can not only retrieve the lost customers but also save your valuable time. After creation of automation workflow, you can sit back and relax because the buyers having incomplete purchases will receive the email that helps to remind them to keep shopping.



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