POS (Point of Sales)

Enterprise Resource Planning

BetaLogics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is always proves the best choice for every organization because:

  • Our provided ERP solutions can be deployed in flexible manner anywhere from production to service oriented enterprises efficiently.
  • The modules can be easily added or removed according to the requirements of the clients.
  • We always provide cost effective solutions in the competitive market.
  • It provides you the whole control of all processes and activities from low to high level management.
  • It will provide you the exact record of outstanding, boosting growth and value addition for your business, where it was executed.
  • We ensure 100% quality services to our clients.
  • We are always strives to serve our customers because we care, that is why BetaLogics has 100% response rate.

Cloud, Web and Mobile Integrated ERPs

In the world of latest technologies, it has become the most wanted requirement for the leading business enterprises to mould their businesses into innovative structure, so that they can sustain in the global business market. In these days, business world has covered more ground by ERPs then ever before. According to our preference to cover trending technologies, we provide exceptional ERP services to integrate your ERP directly to your web or mobile fully or partially.

Modernization of Your System

As an expert ERP development company, BetaLogics can help you to modernize your current system by addressing their migration and re-platforming requirements. We provide flexible legacy applications that surely proves more compatible in your future that can be compel new capabilities and features according to your future requirements for example mobility, cloud and big data analytics.

Planning to Project Rescue

If you have partially completed project and need to complete according to fixed deadlines. Don’t worry, BetaLogics as an expert ERP service provider plans to recover the deficiency of your current project after analyzing the completeness level to fulfill your all requirement to finish your project.

Ensures Intellectual Property Protection

As we are strictly follow our ethics, BetaLogics always focus on service based business model and implements strong corporate policies to protect the intellectual property of our client from unauthorized access.

Business Expertise

BetaLogics as ERP Development Company has established the relationship of trust with its clients from diverse domains like Retail, Transportation, Real Estate, Media, Finance and Aviation by providing solutions in corporate mobility, analytics, Machine learning and Cloud.

Always Focus On Product Quality

The QA department of BetaLogics assures the ERPs quality of your system. Liberty from the ERP development team ensures that you will get quality products.

Cost Effective

BetaLogics provides you the complete ERP solutions for small, medium and large enterprises in effective and reasonable cost, so that start ups can boost their business according to the modern requirements of business world that is our preference.




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