Why E-mail & SMS notifications Are Essential for E-commerce?

Why E-mail & SMS notifications Are Essential for E-commerce?

Why E-mail & SMS notifications Are Essential for E-commerce

Every modern ecommerce store uses multiple channels to communicate with its customers. For this purpose online retailers use e-mail or SMS notifications because they are well known that it is considered as a back bone of an e-commerce support system. BetaLogics provides services to make smooth and hassle-free shopping experience for your customers. It is very cheapest way to get in touch with your customers for all sorts of businesses.

Let us talk about the importance of integrating email/SMS notifications in your e-commerce store.

Provides Superior Customer Experience

Getting a good customer experience has become an important factor in the race of customer acquisition. By utilizing SMS/E-mail notifications you can send real time updates to your customers about their order, transaction and delivery status. That is a great mode to provide a superior customer service as well as it surely reduces inbound inquiries also by making your customer’s purchasing journey smooth and caring. In result of that you will their loyalty and deep trust that ensure to grow the customer return rate also.

Pocket Friendly Service and Marketing

Using SMS/E-mail notifications, you can communicate with your customers to let them know about your promotions in very cost-effective way.  It is much cheaper than calling customers and direct marketing. You just surprise to get the result of SMS/E-mail notifications in your e-commerce website.

SMS & E-mail Notifications Useful In Future Marketing

After receiving good service a customer wants to buy again and again. SMS/E-mail notifications not only provide a better service but also awaiting them to receive promotional offers and new updates from the same business. The acceptance of SMS/E-mail notifications from customers allows future marketing opportunities. You can send them loyalty coupons, sale offers, update of new stock by embedding URL link of your e-commerce site.

Fastest Way

SMS/E-mail notifications are a fastest way and serve an eager customer who is anxious for his/her order to deliver. It not only satisfies your customer’s curiosity but also cut your cost to hire additional staff to communicate the huge volume of order status calls.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

It is very pitiful for any ecommerce business owner considering the more time to make a customer click the “BUY NOW” button. Integrating SMS/E-mail notifications on your ecommerce solution that immediately send SMS/E-mail notifications to your customer who has abandoned a cart to get him/her back to your website to complete the shopping can make more optimistic.

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