How essential is to integrate Courier Service on your Online Store

How essential is to integrate Courier Service on your Online Store

How essential is to integrate Courier Service on your Online Store

Order fulfillment is a vital factor for any e-commerce business operation. To gain the customer satisfaction you have to ensure that the order will be dispatched efficiently and quickly. So provide a great customer service proudly by integrating courier service with your e-commerce solution.

Now, stop to think about the manual punching of customer’s addresses for shipment. With BetaLogics, there is no need to worry; we offer the integration of most Courier Services available in Pakistan for our clients. After getting it you just have to get your orders confirmed with a legal address and begin to generate consignments just using your dashboard.

So now connect your e-commerce online business/ store with the courier services that automates your shipping & delivery. BetaLogics provides you all the industry leading services & tools to raise your business or online store in the digital and swift market. You have no need of technical or programming knowledge to activate courier service with BetaLogics E-commerce.

How Does Courier Integration Work?

BetaLogics e-commerce connects with the database of courier service via programmable interfaces provided by the courier service.

  • BetaLogics E-commerce send account credentials and details of order to the specific courier service through API
  • API of courier service validate the account credentials and confirm the order for COD delivery/shipment.
  • API proceeds the tracking number to BetaLogics ecommerce for the tracking of order shipment.

Benefits Of Courier Service Integration

  • Improvement in order fulfillment with in-time delivery that increases success rates
  • Reduction in order status requests by enhancing customer service
  • Elimination of data entry errors and related issues
  • Cut the cost of bidirectional administration
  • Time saving complete inside the warehouse.

What are the main courier services look to integrate?

We are offering API integration of the following courier services at the moment:

  • TCS
  • Leopards Courier
  • M&P
  • Tezz e-Commerce Fullfilment
  • Call Courier
  • BlueEx
  • Forrun
  • Pakistan Post


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