Convergence Of Education Via E-Commerce

Education has become the high priority of every country in the world. Though billions is being spent on education sector globally but there is no significant impact on its efficiency. Because it is not enough to just make literate that surely would not meet the core-requirements of education i.e. to be a productive citizen or be able to live one’s life with self esteem.

Technology always plays a superior role to enhance the boundaries and level of any sector. E-commerce is one of the frontiers of innovations. In education industry it perform as a bridge but also vanish the gap in content quality as well as resource mobility, whereas there are so many ways are revolutionized in content creating, delivering and consuming globally.

The speed of innovations is rapidly boosted day by day on riding the global e-commerce boom. E-learning has become popular in students who are eager to get higher education with limited resources. Now they can get easily online education offered by almost all the institutions of e-learning because internet has facilitated the globe. It is because of e-commerce that a teacher from one corner of the world can easily interact and teach students in all over the world. There are so many companies and institutions in market place that enable students to learn their required courses.

However the latest technologies are available but the more hits are missed because the big challenge is not to make a claim but to create such environment which can explore, facilitate and make sure the consumption of new innovations of e-commerce and automations.

Even now a day the criteria of success in education are measured by how students perform standardized exams over particular curriculum. In this type of system the priority is not on the development of strength in a student but only on the weakness in rest of subjects and syllabus. We all are well known the standard of current education system and there is need to accomplish a complete change in education sector by implementation of e-commerce. We have to introduce such education system which can proudly offer not just education but best education for all over the world. Because it will definitely become difficult to march into 22nd century by carrying the 19th century education system.

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