E-Commerce Store Automation

E-Commerce Store Automation

E-Commerce Store Automation

If you are running any type of e-commerce store you must consider that time is money. Fortunately, it has become possible that the busiest businessman can use his time in more efficient way by automating certain tasks. The decision of automating processes in a productive manner requires slight creativity. After recognizing these priorities of tasks that are more time-consuming for automating, you can free yourself and your staff for other important tasks.

BetaLogics is always striving to embed three keys to the growth of your business, save money, save time and sell more. It is very important to spent time on what’s important. Otherwise you should have to face crises in the competitive marketplace. BetaLogics offers E-commerce store automation that is more important thing you can for your business. Through Shopify, WooCommerce and cs-Cart, we offer e-commerce automation solutions to streamlines your manual business tasks by simplifying complexities.

In the present time, it is not a child’s play to run an ecommerce store. As you are getting busy you wish that some hours would be extended in a day. We are providing you the time-saving tools with efficient output, with less manual intervention and minimum learning curve by automation solutions. BetaLogics provides e-commerce platforms for automating your business online stores.

There are some tasks that should be automated to gain more from your e-commerce store.

  • E-mail Marketing

There are many contradictory opinions relevant to email marketing. But it is a truth that there are 2.8 billion email users is there in the world. So that you can get benefits from email marketing.

  • Customer Service

Another important sector of e-commerce store should be automated at certain levels. Automated replies according to the word queries or FAQs, chatbots can be an example of customer service automation.

  • Setting Up and Managing Products

It is very essential to setting the new products types with their images by configuring its stock. Time to time updating of stock is also very essential.

  • Order Management

You can get from us the most professional solution that complete your WooCommerec drop-shipping tasks. You can get ride from multiple checking of your dashboard. By using our solution the entire process of order-complete can be automated.

  • Discounts and Offers

We provide automation solutions to WooCommerce platform that allows you to create coupons and discount, you can restrict and apply its usage to particular email ids, dates and products.

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