Accounts Management System

Accounts Management System

BetaLogics offers exclusive accounting solutions for your enterprise that surely upward your business by fulfilling your all requirements. Your firm can achieve a competitive edge with an innovative, modified and latest accounts management system. We are providing tailor customizing solutions to our clients that enables them to run streaming their daily tasks efficiently.  Our highly qualified analysts and developers design such accounting system that can meet the specific requirements of various organizations in lucrative way. We provide you the integrated accounts management system that performs all accounting activities of daily, monthly and annually basis.


You can get the following general features of Chart of Accounts:

Voucher Definition

  • Cash Account
  • Bank Book
  • General Journal

Budget Allocation/Monitoring

Budget is used in financial planning after estimation the revenues and expenditures for a particular period of time. This tool of management and planning helps you in allocation of resourcing and funding to expenditures.

  • Budget Allocation
  • Budget Monitoring

Voucher Management

  • Bank Receipt Voucher
  • Bank Payment Voucher
  • Cash Receipt Voucher
  • Cash Payment Voucher
  • General Journal Voucher

Voucher Processing (Posting/Un-posting)

After posting a voucher, the general ledger is updated automatically. But if you want to edit some data you can un-post a voucher also. By Un-posting a voucher you can correct your transactions easily.

Ledger Processing(Posting/Un-Posting)

Ledgers are used in accounts of balance sheets and income statements. You can also un-post the ledger to make any correction in your ledger transaction.

Trail Balance

In trail balance all balances of ledgers are compiled into debit and credit form. Every enterprise needs to prepare trial balance periodically to ensure the correctness of entries mathematically in the bookkeeping of that enterprise.

Summery Accounts

You can use Summary accounts to perform inquiries of online accounts as well as is used to determine the speed of processing of financial reports, mass allocation and general formula recurrence.

Balance Sheet

You can get the complete statement of assets, liabilities and capital of your organization at a specific period of time. You can gain valuable information in the form of income and expenditure of your business also.

Profit and Loss

You can use this P&L statement to summarize the revenues, costs and expenses in a particular period of time that may be gained fiscal, quarterly or yearly.


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