Boost Your Online Business Through Integration With Point Of Sale Systems (POS)

In the swift era of enterprise technology, Point of Sales (POS) system integration has become very important to enhance your business. Every business has a priority to build durable customers relationships, so their personalized quality shopping experience makes them satisfied and loyal. In the retailer side it is the key factor to increase revenue for them.

If you are a retailer, have a website for your online sales, POS system allows you to manage the tasks of in-store sales and purchases proficiently by looking into the products.

BetaLogics offers E-Commerce automation solution with complete integration of POS system that can manage your enterprise tasks efficiently. You can automate your business with POS system that automates your entire operations of inventory.

Our Integrated POS system has following core features:

Complete Automation

We provide you a trend-setter solution that enables your small or large business fully automated that makes your business fast and money saver.

Avoid Order Cancellation

Overbooking can be a major factor behind your cancellation due to in correct stock data on website, our system will help you to overbook of low stock items as it fully controls live sync of inventories between physical outlets sales and online sales.

Produces Fast Info

If your customer asks any query, your staff can reply them fast by searching through POS. Automated system inform you about what you have in your inventory that matches your query. So you can provide accurate information to your customer that is very important to make them satisfied and trusty. Our POS software has built-in business intelligence that helps you in decision making at right times.

Live & Offline sync of inventory on both website and POS

Keep view on your inventories by connecting through your website  and with POS as well. POS system works competently offline as well.

Sell What You Have

By quickly looking up the stock, it reserves the stock until the order is dispatched. Our POS system exactly shows the stock status.

Organize and Manage Multi-Locations Conveniently

Now comprehensively manage your retail business having multiple outlets or franchise network with a single solution from your head office without complications.


Complete Control Of Inventory

Take complete charge of your inventory to control your internal operations like add/remove products, barcodes printing, and import or transfer products from one location to another location, sell products online and in-stores easily with automated system of inventory adjustment.

Streamline Operations

Our POS system helps you to connect to your supplier automatically after the specific level of stock it will automatically generates requisition for specific location as prescribed beforehand.

HR and Payroll

Our POS effectively and conveniently manage, handle and keep check on your staff attendance, payroll and their performance.

Excellent Customer Service

You can scan the recurring customers and can get information about their previous interest in products. According to that record you can send notifications to them when you restock alerts or sale on those products. Our integrated POS system helps you to give accurate and quick response to your customers.

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