E-commerce Automation & Optimization Solution

Boost your E-commerce Store

Performance to 10X


  • Fast and automated processing.
  • Detection of fake orders.
  • Handling of multi-stores from one portal.
  • Bird view on on-ongoing shipments.
  • Order delivery optimization.
  • Reconciliation of shipments accounts with courier company.

Key Features

Independent system

Our system serves as independent entity connecting your multiple e-commerce stores, allowing them to run smoothly without any extra load and downtime.

Products Synchronization

System will maintain product feed and will used to manage order fulfiment.

Orders Synchronization

System will fetch orders from e-commerce store(s) allowing them to be controlled, monitored and assessed during delivery cycle.

SMS Notifications

System has the ability to send SMS to customers on various stages, some of those are mentioned here :

  • New Order: System will automatically detect new orders and send new order notifications to customers.
  • Confirmation: Incase customer doesn’t respond on call, system will send call back SMS, asking customers to call back on your provided numbers for self confirmation.
  • Dispatching: System will automatically send SMS to customers once the shipment has been dispatch from your facility.
  • Failed delivery attempts: Let’s say if courier company failed to deliver orders with any of the following reason like “Customer not Available, Address untraceable, Unable to contact or others” system will send automated sms to customers.
  • Delivery: System will send SMS to customers once the order is delivered to them and ask them to provide valuable review.

Auto CN (Consignment Note – Tracking #) Generation

Tracking #, Consignment # of all pending orders can be generated with in a single click, even though we are dealing with multiple courier companies like TCS, Blue-Ex, Leopard, Trax, M&P, Call Courier or others.

On Board CN (consignment note) printing.

For consignment note printing you don’t need to access courier company portal back and forth, we have in built printing facility for speedy printing and order processing.

Invoice Printing

System can be set to generate and print invoice for selective or for all orders.

Load Sheet Generation/Printing

System allows you to generate and print datewise loadsheet.

On Board Shipment tracking & status update

Our system detects and changes shipment status automatically to keep you updated every time in order to reduce delivery failure and shows detailed tracking against each shipment so you don’t need to go to courier website for shipment hunting.


Our system generates detailed reporting to keep give an birds-eye view on everything which includes

  • Best performing days, weeks and months.
  • Best performing cities and average delivery duration.
  • Best performing courier company if you are using multiple services at the moment.

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